Not Just A Dad’s Masquerade Ball

A fresh retake on a classic theme

The Challenge

NJAD, a 4,000 member strong club, wanted to put on an elegant evening fundraiser filled with intrigue.

The Idea

We hosted the event at the Water’s Edge: the iconic church nestled right on the Detroit River, complete with cathedral steeples and ornate architecture, the space exudes elegance before guests even stepped foot inside. And to add to this elegant picture, we provided seven different performances throughout the evening. Guests were greeted by an outdoor fire performer who left them enraptured as they proceeded into the lavishly decorated great hall. Photographers were on site to capture a red carpet-style shoot in the atrium against a NJAD-branded backdrop. Once inside, they were greeted by a contortionist who playfully moved along the bar top while the guests ordered their signature cocktails. Strolling jugglers and characters met guests around each corner with bespoke, minute-long routines. Once the party kicked off, the main-stage attractions took place. Performing on our giant twenty-foot-high Aerial Rig were two Aerial Silks Performers and a Duo Trapeze act that captured the imagination of everyone in attendance.

The Result

The experience clearly made an impact. NJAD reported a highly profitable, and engaging fundraiser. The president had this to say about the evening:

“From the organizers to the performers, Height Entertainment is nothing but professional, energetic and they clearly love what they do. I can’t wait to see how they top themselves next year. Our guests are already messaging us to ask the same thing.” — Jordan Bolt, President of NJAD

Acts from this event

  • Aerial Silks

  • Duo Trapeze

  • Fire Performer

  • Musicians

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