Hand-Crafted Solid Ice Bars

Reasons to book this Act

  • Beautiful hand-carved Solid Ice Bar to serve your guests on
  • Includes bespoke ice drink luge
  • Bring a new look to your event with this elegant and functional conversation piece
  • Based out of Windsor, Ontario but able to perform anywhere in Ontario


Treat your guests to a unique and memorable drink serving experience. A solid block of ice is custom cut and intricately fashioned to create a bespoke functional art piece. We can include your logo or event theme right into the solid ice by carving and dying the logo during its creation. This means your logo will be embedded in the bar and viewable from all passers-by’s.

These bars can come complete with incorporated drink luge and come set up and ready to serve from. They include their own base to handle drips and elevate the bar. Pair the bar with one of our many LED lighting packages to create a real visual impact. We can also provide certified bartenders to man your custom creation and keep the drinks flowing.