Aerial Silks

Reasons to book this Act

  • Graceful and highly elegant aerial silks performer
  • Aerial dancer delivers beautiful ambient shows
  • Tailorable shows will fit with event themes or colour schemes
  • Thrill audiences with high-energy and tightly choreographed aerial performance
  • Based out of Windsor, Ontario but able to perform anywhere in Ontario


Aerial Silks performances create a breathtaking show. Their mix of danger and art captivate the mind and enthrall the senses. Combine multiple aerialists high above the audience for a truly spectacular scene. Aerial Silks enhance every celebration and they will dazzle your audience, leaving them with memories of a breathtaking performance they won’t soon forget!

Aerials Silks can be fitted to almost any location, whether we use your existing venue, or bring in our 19-foot aerial rig to accomplish the task, we can bring this act nearly anywhere.

Act Varieties

Feature Performance – Thrilling performance set to a song

  • 5-7 minute Feature Performance
  • Duo performances available upon request

Ambiance Routines – Graceful movements for the duration

  • 30-minute increments with a minimum of 1 hour.

Champagne Pourer – Serves Champagne from the air

  • 30-minute increments with a minimum of 1 hour.

Portable Rigging

  • If your event is outdoors or does not have rigging points, we offer a large, height-adjustable, portable rig.
  • Up to 25ft x 25ft x 19ft (LxWxH)