How to Hire Corporate Event Entertainment in Windsor

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Corporate event planning can be a difficult task. Finding food, a location, and entertainment to ensure your guests are entertained and you achieve your objective can be tough. Since event companies can be pricy, many companies may be eager to book everything themselves. But, there are many benefits to hiring corporate event entertainment in Windsor, Canada, and with the right company you can stay within your budget, set up a terrific event for your guests, and leave them with memories they will never forget.


Visualize what you want the event to look like. Consider noting down the details of the event:

  • What’s the date of the event?
  • When will setup start?
  • When will our guests arrive?
  • How many guests will there be?
  • What type of performances do we want?

Once you know all of these pieces, then you can start figuring out the rest. You can’t plan an event without knowing the 5 W’s: Who, what, when, where, why!

Determine Your Objectives

Determine your objective. What are you looking to accomplish by hosting this event? Some common ones are:

  • Changing customers’ perceptions
  • Making a team bond
  • Motivate sales personnel
  • Entertain executives and managers
  • Create press coverage
  • Stimulate social media coverage
  • Support above the line marketing activities
  • Make one person, the boss, happy

While these objectives can be part of the mix of other types of events, they can be the sole aim of a corporate event.


Ask the higher-ups how much they’re looking to spend or decide for yourself if it’s your business, what you’re comfortable spending. If your budget is $15,000, aim to spend about $10,000 leaving room for anything that may pop-up unexpectedly. If you aim to hit exactly your budget, you run the risk of going over if anything happens. Like most events, something is bound to come up – a guest list increase, a food request, you name it. Plan to have a buffer of cash so you can rest easy. Many companies work with you on price to match your budget exactly, so ensure you know this number going into the conversation

Pick a Theme

Brainstorm formats that fit your objectives. Is it cocktails and snacks? A fancy sit down? Buffet style? Light refreshments? Before you move into finding a space, entertainment, and a caterer, you’ve got to know your vision. The more you know, the more your event coordinators and caterers can help you plan.

You’ll also have to know what sort of equipment and tables and chairs you may need and it will depend on what style of event you’re hosting

Choose Your Venue

According to J.J. Schambow, vice president of marketing and business development at enVista, “location is key to attendance.” Book a venue in a convenient area with a vibrant atmosphere so attendees feel comfortable and will want to make the commute. Be sure to involve the local community as well, said Gina Argento, president and CEO of Broadway Stages.”We always use local vendors for catering needs, various rentals and many other crucial aspects to planning a business event,” Argento said. “By doing this, we are supporting the local community and giving them the opportunity to network and expand their businesses.”

Find your Caterer, Event coordinator, and Entertainment company.

Even better if they are all the same company!

Finding a caterer can feel overwhelming, but this step includes taste testing and choosing what your guests will eat. Some argue that aside from the venue, the food is the most important aspect, so choose wisely. Depending on your theme, you can choose a caterer accordingly. For cocktails, you will want appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. But, do you want platters on a table or servers walking around with trays? If you’re doing dinner, is it sit down and served or buffet style? If it’s light refreshments, what types of foods do you want – sandwiches and salads, or a hot meal? For conferences, usually, buffet style works best. Food gets set up at the beginning of the event so conference goers can graze the tables and bring their food to their seats. Waiters and waitresses will go around collecting empty plates. It’s a very easy, foolproof plan for big events!

Event Coordinator
This is the person who manages everything so you can actually enjoy your event. Finding a company that takes a hands-on approach to ensure the event’s success is crucial to everything running smoothly. Your Coordinator should be able to make recommendations, plan out a schedule for the event, contact your caterer and entertainment companies to get them on the same page and run the event from start to finish.

A good event company will ask you questions, such as what type of event you are planning, how many guests are expected to attend, what the theme of the event is, and the general time frame. Successful event companies may also offer ideas that will take your event to the next level! If you and the entertainment company see eye to eye, you can begin moving forward to planning the actual event. If not, you can save yourself valuable time and try a different company.

Discuss Set-Up Requirements

Do you have a room prepared for the entertainment or are you looking to rent a venue? Discuss what your entertainment would require of you if they are coming to your building or event location. If you have a stage, find out how much space they would need and how they plan to set up their equipment so that everyone in the room can see and enjoy. Especially when it comes to live entertainment, you’ll want to provide your guests with a great show!

Guest Interaction

Are you planning an event where the guests can engage with the entertainment? Or do you want the entertainment to be in the background? Knowing the level of guest-to-entertainment interaction will be a good point to bring up with your entertainment company so they know how to inform their performers.

Call References and Review the Promotional Material

After doing your background research on the Caterer, Event Coordinator, and Entertainment, be sure to give any references a call and get any concerns addressed or questions answered. It is important to make sure the event company knows your needs and expectations, especially in terms of audience. You would not want to hire a comedian who normally performs adult-oriented shows at your middle school child’s birthday party, for example. This is also a good time to ask about promotional material for the entertainment.

Promote Your Event

A great way to get your guests excited about your event is to share promotion material with them. Your entertainer may have articles, pamphlets, press releases, or photos available for you to distribute to your guests. Big corporate events often have greeters who distribute handouts to arriving guests to give them material about what they can expect while they wait for the festivities to begin. After promotion, choose the platform to invite your guests on and send out the invitations!

Booking Corporate Entertainment in Windsor

Height Entertainment, located in Windsor, Canada, is a full-service event agency providing top-quality, professional artists and performers for public, private, and corporate events. We handle every facet of production from original creative ideation through to booking, graphic design, video production and logistics management. Our specialists will work with you to learn about your ideal production and the best ways it can be brought to life. For more information about Height Entertainment and the captivating acts we can bring to your events, please give us a call at 833-4-HEIGHT (833-443-4448) or email us at [email protected].

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